Hansi Flick vs Niko Kovac- Manager Stats after 26 rounds of the league season at Bayern Munich

A nice little graphic today in the German press, putting up some key Bayern Munich stats for the 2019/20 season (as of round 26), comparing the performances of Hansi Flick and Niko Kovac.

Kovac was manager for ten rounds before being sacked while Flick has now been in charge for 16 game weeks. The comparison clearly appears to show that Flick is the superior manager, especially in the attacking department. Flick’s Bayern have picked up 2.5 points per game and score 3.1 goals on an average every game, as compared to Kovac’s 1.8 and 2.5 respectively. Flick has also significantly sharpened up Bayern’s defense- they concede only 0.6 goals per game, as compared to the 1.6 under Kovac.

Stats covered in this graphic

  • Points scored per game
  • Goals scored per game
  • Chances created per game
  • Goals conceded per game
  • Goals conceded via counters per game
  • Chances conceded per game
  • Sprints per game
  • Distance covered per game

Hansi Flick vs Niko Kovac Bayern stats

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