Zbigniew Boniek Eurabia- Polish legend says on social media that he is upset with Europe turning into Eurabia

Polish legend Zbigniew Boniek raised some eyebrows today on social media site Twitter. In response to a person who tweeted asking Polish people to pray for the victims of the recent attack in Nice, Zbigniew (the head of the Polish FA) made a controversial statement. Here is what it effectively translates to in English

“Prayers are great but turning Europe into Eurabia f##cking pisses me off. We can’t defend ourselves with a minute of silence and protest marches”

Original Polish tweet

modlitwa modlitwą to jasne, ale robienie z Europy Eurabi mnie w…..a,minutą ciszy i marszami protestu nie obronimy się.

Tweet to which he was responding to

Pomódlcie sie za ofiary. Wielu z nas było w Nicei niedawno.

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