Chelsea defender in toilet scam

Glen Johnson has been fined by police for attempting to steal a toilet seat and bath taps from a a B & Q home improvement store. Johnson, currently on loan at Portsmouth from Chelsea, allegedly tried to smuggle the goods out with Millwall striker Ben May. Both were arrested by Kent Police, and paid £70 as a fixed penalty fine.

Edit- in a later interview, this was Johnson’s version of events.

The biggest one was the toilet seat. I was with a mate who was doing up his bathroom and he wanted to buy a set where you get everything together. I’d never bought a bathroom like that in my life, and neither had he, so we banged it on the trolley. But we took out the toilet seat and got another one that had a slow-close lid so it wouldn’t trap his kid’s fingers.

What we didn’t know was that it was £2.35 more than the one that should have been in the box. Then we went through the till, my mate paid for it and then this security guy stopped us and said he had been watching us on CCTV and seen us swapping the toilet seats.

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