Bayern Gladbach 1:1 Bild Player Ratings 2022- Yann Sommer outstanding for Borussia MGB

Here are the player ratings for Bayern Munich vs Borussia Monchengladbach over the weekend. The game ended in a 1:1 draw, with Yann Sommer producing a stunning performance for BMG. The Sommer player rating vs Bayern (1- effectively the best possible under the German rating system), reflects that.

Interestingly, Kingsley Coman got a 4!

Bayern 1-1 Gladbach Player Ratings Bild 2022

While Bild thought Ikatura also deserved a 1 alongside Sommer, Kicker gave him a 3!

Kicker also gave Coman a 2 rating (Bild, as mentioned above, gave him a 4)

Bayern Gladbach Player Ratings 2022 Kicker

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