Alfred Finnbogason goals vs Freiburg 2017 | Video Augsburg-Freiburg 3:3 Highlights

Icelandic international Alfred Finnbogason scores a hat trick as this dramatic clash between Augsburg and Freiburg ends in a 3:3 draw. Finnbogason scored in the opening minute of the game and then twice into second half stoppage time as Nils Petersen’s double for Freiburg could only land the visitors a point. Great game for Tim Kleindienst, who had three assists (for all three of SCF’s goals). 26.345 in attendance at the WWK Arena for this Augsburg vs Freiburg game

FCA-SCF 1:0 Finnbogason 1 goal
Freiburg-Augsburg 1:1 Gunter 20 goal
Freiburg-Augsburg 1:2 Petersen 48 goal
Freiburg-Augsburg 1:3 Petersen 65 goal
FCA-SCF 2:3 Finnbogason 90+1 goal
FCA-SCF 3:3 Finnbogason 90+3 goal

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