Video ITFC Sunderland 5:2 Highlights | Ipswich v SAFC Goals 2017

The highest scoring game among Tuesday’s domestic and European fixtures is this one in the English second tier between Ipswich and Sunderland. More struggles for the Black Cats, who have picked up just six points from a possible 30 in the Championship and currently lie in the bottom three.

All seven goals scored by different players, but the star was Martyn Waghorn (an ex SAFC player himself), who scored for Ipswich and also had a hand in Spence and Celina’s goals

Ipswich-Sunderland 1:0 Waghorn
Ipswich-Sunderland 1:1 Jones
ITFC-Sunderland 2:1 Spence
ITFC-Sunderland 3:1 Celina
Ipswich-Sunderland 4:1 McGoldrick
ITFC-SAFC 4:2 McGeady
Ipswich-Sunderland 5:2 Ward

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