Video Borussia Dortmund-BMG 6:1 Highlights | BVB vs Gladbach 2017 Goals

Some very ordinary defending from Borussia MGB as they go down 6:1 to Borussia Dortmund at the Westfalenstadion. Highest scoring BuLi clash of the weekend with Philipp and Aubameyang scoring five of Dortmund’s six goals between them

BVB-MGB 1:0 Philipp
BVB-MGB 2:0 Philipp
Dortmund-BMG 3:0 Aubameyang
Dortmund-BMG 4:0 Aubameyang
Dortmund-BMG 5:0 Aubameyang
BVB-Gladbach 5:1 Stindl
BVB-Gladbach 6:1 Weigl

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