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Video Genoa Lazio Genoa Lazio 3-2 Highlights 2012 Jankovic Goals Palacio

Genoa vs Lazio 3-2 Highlights Video

Genoa SS Lazio 3-2 on 5 February, 2012 ( 05.02.2012- Sun- Genoa, Italy)

Genoa Lazio 1-0- Goal Palacio
Genoa Lazio 2-0- Goal Jankovic
Genoa Lazio 3-0- Goal Jankovic
Genoa Lazio 3-1- Goal penalty Ledesma
Genoa Lazio 3-2- Goal Gonzalez

Genoa hold off a late fightback from Lazio to beat the Biancocelesti 3-2 in Serie A. Jankovic with two goals for Genoa.

Video Palermo Genoa Palermo Genoa 5-3 Highlights 2012

Palermo vs Genoa 5-3 Highlights Video

Palermo vs Genoa on 22 January, 2012 ( Serie A)

Palermo Genoa 0-1 Palacio
Palermo Genoa 1-1 Budan
Palermo Genoa 2-1 Silvestre
Palermo Genoa 3-1 Mantovani
Palermo Genoa 3-2 Palacio
Palermo Genoa 4-2 Miccoli
Palermo Genoa 5-2 Migliaccio
Palermo Genoa 5-3 Jankovic

An eight goal thriller sees Palermo beat Genoa 5-3 Continue reading Video Palermo Genoa Palermo Genoa 5-3 Highlights 2012