Gladbach-Bremen 3:4 Highlights Pokal 2015 | Borussia Monchengladbach vs Werder Bremen Goals

Seven goal thriller this between Borussia MG and Werder Bremen in the German Cup, with the hosts at the wrong end of the scoreline despite Hrgota’s brace

Dailymotion Video Highlights

Gladbach-Werder 1:0 Stindl
Gladbach Bremen 1:1 Sternberg
Gladbach Bremen 1:2 Vestergaard goal
Gladbach vs Bremen 2:2 Hrgota goal
Borussia MGB Werder 2:3 Pizarro
M’Gladbach Werder 2:4 Ujah
Gladbach-Werder 3:4 Hrgota

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